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€1 Deposit Holidays with Holidays with Aer Lingus

We book your entire holiday for just €1 - including your flights and accommodation! We also include your transfers if you include them in your holiday booking.


How do I book my holiday for €1?

It's simple, we have just 2 requirements:

1. Select a holiday with Aer Lingus flights to any European Sun or City destination

2. Travel must be 10 weeks or more from the booking date

Our low €1 holiday deposit allows you to lock in and secure the best price for your holiday. So whether you're a couple, group of 4 friends or family of 6, you only have to pay €1 per person to get your holiday booked!


What happens after the €1 deposit is paid?

You're booked! Your flights, accommodation and transfers are all confirmed. You will just have to pay the balance before travel in line with our T’s and C’s

  • 4 weeks after booking, you will pay a second deposit of €150 per person with the final balance payable 10 weeks before travel.


  • Choose our flexible monthly payment options to pay by installments


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I choose a holiday with a different airline?
A: For all other airlines the deposit payable at time of booking is as outlined in our Terms & Conditions.  This deposit can vary depending on the type of holiday chosen. 

Q: What if the departure date for my holiday is within 10 weeks of booking?
A: You have to pay for your holiday in full at time of booking but if this doesn’t suit you, just call us and we’ll agree a payment plan with you.

Q: What if I need to cancel my holiday?
A: Even though you pay us €1, we are booking your complete holiday and you are committed to pay for the holiday as per our terms and conditions.

Q: Do I need Travel Insurance?
A: Everyone needs travel insurance when travelling and it is part of the terms of the holiday that confirm travel insurance at the time of confirmation which we can assist with or if you have your own travel insurance you must advise us of the policy details before departure.   If you add travel insurance to your holiday at the time of confirmation this has to be paid for at the time of booking. You’ll still get your €1 holiday deposit and the only extra cost will be your chosen travel insurance.

Read our full T&Cs here