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City Breaks to Vienna

€1 deposit

City Breaks to Vienna

A holiday in Vienna, capital of Austria, is an experience which is historical yet offers glimpses of a modern and vibrant city.

Long known for its wonderful buildings, gorgeous squares, completely over the top Baroque interiors and intricate facades, it’s not hard to imagine Vienna as the home of the Hapsburg Dynasty. Also, the city of Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven and Haydn, to name a few, the musical influence that Vienna wields is world-renowned and the ultimate treat is a trip to the Viennese Opera. 

However, don't be fooled that Vienna is all about the dusty history and lovely architecture, the lively cafe culture which spills onto the streets gives the city its natural pulse. Atmospheric coffee houses, complete with old-fashioned, polished waiters are everywhere and a frothy cappuccino and a slice of sachertorte from Hotel Sacher is a must for the busy sightseer! 

Vienna is beautifully planned and laid out with many green spaces and parkland, with the romantic Danube flowing close to the historic centre. Definitely a city for walkers, Vienna is easily managed on foot and is well worth a few days of delightful exploration. 

Winter is a wonderful time to visit, with Christmas markets appearing across the city. The scent of pine trees in the air, the crisp white snow and sweet mulled wine do wonders to put you in the festive mood.

Holidays in Vienna

Vienna Ibis Wien Mariahilf - Vienna
Ibis Wien Mariahilf
06 June
3 nights
Room Only
Flights + accom.
Vienna Mercure Wien Westbahnhof - Vienna
Mercure Wien Westbahnhof
08 July
3 nights
Room Only
Flights + accom.
Vienna Boltzmann Hotel - Vienna
Boltzmann Hotel
29 August
3 nights
Room Only
Flights + accom.
Vienna The Levante Parliament - Vienna
The Levante Parliament
30 September
3 nights
Room Only
Flights + accom.

Did you know...?

Did you know?

City breaks to Vienna have doubled in 2019

Did you know?

Vienna’s coffee houses are a place “where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill.”

Did you know?

More than 450 balls take place during the Viennese Ball Season


Top Reasons to Visit Vienna

  • Vienna's Palaces

  • Vienna's Rich Culture

  • A Different Viennese View

Vienna's Palaces

Schloss Schönbrunn: The Schonbrunn Palace is an impressive Baroque-style building. It’s not just spectacular from the outside, it also features 1441 glamorous colossal rooms which you can visit on a tour. Experience how the Austrian royalty lived. 

Hofburg Palace: This palace combines a museum and a ministry, a chapel and a library, as well as the exercise room of Empress Sisi. As a 600-year-old site, the Hofburg Palace astounds with baroque architecture.

Butterfly House: When visiting Hofburg palace, stop at the Butterfly House to enjoy the tropical ambience, including waterfalls and authentic humidity. Watch as plenty of brilliantly coloured butterflies fly all around you!

Hundertwasser’s architecture: Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser had a distinct style which can be seen all around the city. His most famous structures in Vienna include the municipal heating plant Fernwarmewerk, the Hundertwasserhaus, and the Kunsthaus (a museum of his works).

Vienna's Rich Culture

Vienna State Opera: The Opera house in Vienna is the perfect symbol of the city’s fine and impeccable architecture. Arched windows and doorways are characteristic of the neo-renaissance façade, and the decadent interior looks as though it could be from a palace. 

Discover forgotten Viennese tradition: If you’ve never been to a marionette theatre, Vienna is the perfect place to check it out. The historic Marionette Theatre offers a masterpiece of a performance, giving you the chance to experience a Mozart opera in a completely new way. To get more of an insight, you’re allowed to head backstage after the show. 

Wiener Riesenrad & Chocolate Museum: Ride on the Wiener Riesenrad (Ferris wheel) and get a glimpse of the city from above. If you love Sacher Torte, Mozart, confectionery, and all things chocolate, then head over to the Chocolate Museum and take a tour (or a workshop) to experience it all.

The other art of museums: Vienna is home to many impressive museums. Some unique ones not to miss include the Museum of Art Fakes, celebrating famous forgers, the Kriminalmuseum, devoted to Viennese murders, or the Clock Museum that is filled with over 1,000 clocks.

A Different Viennese View

Vienna from above: Viennese architecture is magical, not unlike the castles and mansions of the best-known fairy tales. Head up St. Stephens Cathedral to the lookout point for views of the city from above, but also check out the colourful mosaic roof of the church made of 230,000 glazes tiles.  

Cruising the Old Danube: The perfect way to spend a hot summer day, cruise the Old Danube on a boat equipped with comfy sofas to lounge and relax. You can go for a swim and eat lunch or dinner on board. 

Vienna Airport Transfers & Weather

Airport: Vienna International Airport.

You can get the bus from outside the airport, which departs approx. every 30mins. It connects to the main train station and major metro lines. It takes approx. 20mins and costs €8 per journey. 


The city airport train (CAT) is the most convenient way to get into the city. It departs every 30minutes, takes 16minutes and costs €12 single ticket or €21 for a return ticket.  


You can also get your own private transfer which takes approx. 30mins and costs approx. €44pp return based on 2 people sharing.

* Prices and times for transport from the airport are subject to change

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