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Enjoying a 400 km stretch of coastline, with 10 km of stunning public beaches, Abu Dhabi also has many magnificently maintained public parks and manicured gardens, so holidays in Abu Dhabi are a complete delight. 

The 2nd largest city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a modern and vibrant cosmopolitan city. Located on the northeastern flank of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian peninsula, the city is well planned and beautifully constructed, so no wonder visitors are coming here. Holidays in Abu Dhabi are more popular than ever! 

Abu Dhabi boasts excellent hotels and modern shopping, the city is ripe for discovery and exploration. Enjoy an exciting jeep safari in the ever present desert sand dunes. Alternatively, have a pamper in a hotel spa or stroll through a shopping mall. Abu Dhabi is a marvellous holiday destination, as a city with middle eastern charm, modern influences and a warm and welcoming heart. 

Important Information:

During the month of Ramadan (15th May to 14th June 2018) locals will fast during the day. As such, services in all hotels will be restricted from sunrise to sunset, including food, drink and entertainment. Tourists are asked to dress modestly and avoid eating and drinking in public areas. Speak to our travel consultants for more information.

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