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Bulgaria Holidays

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Bulgaria Holidays

Bulgaria Holidays

Bulgaria is located in South-east Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula.

The country is located at the crossroad between Europe and Asia, and the lands of Bulgaria have been populated since antiquity.
Bulgaria is a country with thousands of years of history and a cultural heritage that embraces ancient civilizations. Visitors will find much to interest them in the country’s history, culture, ethnography, religion, architecture and the arts.

Bulgaria boasts an average temperature of 27°C and the Black Sea coast stretches an impressive 230 miles with some of the finest sandy beaches in Europe. With an abundance of Water Parks, stunning mountain and lake resorts, vibrant resorts and golden sandy beaches, Bulgaria really has something for everyone.

With Aer Lingus flights to Bulgaria and a wide range of accommodation in the Sunny Beach resort book Bulgaria Holidays with us now!

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