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Holidays in the Caribbean

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Caribbean Holidays from Ireland

The Caribbean is home to many gorgeous islands where exotic and fantastic images of turquoise water, swaying palm trees and icing sugar sand beaches leap to mind. The lazy drawl of "Hey Man" resonates throughout the many islands, denoting the friendly welcome that is proffered to visitors.

Caribbean holidays are all about endless sunshine, idyllic holiday resorts and perfect honeymoon retreats. Also often referred to as the West Indies, thousands of islands are  scattered throughout including the Leeward Islands (Antigua & Barbuda) , Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Lesser Antilles, Aruba and Cuba (the largest) and many more.

Holidays in the Caribbean are very different to their European counterparts, not least beause of their latitude, but the very way of life is so much more laid back and informal. Geographically located as if nestled between the southernmost shores of the USA, the arm of Mexico and the northerrn coast of South America (Venezuela), the equator slices almost midway across and creates a tropical climate and several micro-climates.

A tropical paradise is the usual name given to describe the various islands of the Caribbean. Each is uniquely different, but all have seas of the most shocking blue, amazing beaches and wonderful scenery. Local people are unfailingly polite and cheerful and a warm welcome is the norm. On your Caribbean holiday, expect lovely hotels, delicious traditional cuisine and tropical fruit drinks, but most of all, a holiday that is a complete chill-out. Nothing is done in a hurry here, so wind down to the pace of local life because peace comes dropping slow....

Top Destinations in Caribbean