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Visit Hartford with Aer Lingus

History, art, culture, great food and so much more – Hartford has it! Hartford, Connecticut is a fantastic city in the New England region of the USA that makes the perfect stop off on a New England fly/drive holiday. With so much to enjoy, as well as a direct service from Dublin Airport with Aer Lingus, it is a really accessible city from Ireland.


If you are planning a New England fly/drive holiday for your next getaway, why not start your holiday in Hartford and end in Boston. You will be spoilt for choice in Hartford with its huge array of attractions to enjoy.


Book your Hartford Holidays with Holiday with AerLingus


While Hartford, Connecticut may not be as well known as some of America’s other cities, it is a fantastic place to visit for a couple of nights on your New England road trip holiday and the perfect city to start or end your fly/drive in. If you would like more information on Hartford, Connecticut, you can speak to our USA Travel Experts seven days a week for more information. We would be delighted to help you plan a fantastic USA holiday.

Did you know..?

Did you know?

Hartford is home to the oldest public art museum in the USA

Did you know?

Hartford was the site of the first ever witch hunt in the USA

Did you know?

Hartford was the home of world renowned author Mark Twain

Things to do in Hartford Connecticut

  • Top Attractions:

  • Museums and Science:

Top Attractions:

Mark Twain House and Museum: Mark Twain is one of America’s greatest writers and while in Hartford, you can visit his home. The Mark Twain House and Museum is a wonderful attraction that takes you through the life of Mark Twain in the home he occupied from 1874 to 1891. Mark famously wrote some of his most iconic books in the house including Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.


Old State House: One of Hartford’s most historical sites is the Connecticut Old State House. This building served as the state’s capitol building from 1796 to 1878 and is the oldest state house in the USA. The building was the site of the first witch trials in America, which saw the first witch-hanging happen in America, some 55 years before Salem.

Elizabeth Park: Elizabeth Park is a city park in Hartford that stretches over an impressive 102 acres. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Elizabeth Park is known for its stunning relaxing green spaces, but more famously its stunning rose gardens.

Museums and Science:

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art: The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art is America’s oldest public art museum and is well worth a visit during your time in Hartford. The museum offers you a chance to enjoy a huge array of art from all over the world, across all categories of art including contemporary art, American art and more. The outdoor sculpture garden is a must visit while here.


Connecticut Science Center: If you are visiting Hartford with your children, be sure to check out the Connecticut Science Center. This exciting attraction is home to nine stories of interactive exhibits that will keep your family entertained! Play basketball against a robot, learn about exciting science, motion and so much more.

Hartford Airport Transfers & Weather


Hartford-Bradley Airport



The CTTRANSIT provides the 30 -Bradley Flyer Bus Service, It is a link between Bradley International Airport and downtown Hartford, also to Connecticut Convention Centre and Union Station in Hartford.  The cost for a one way is $1.75.



A Taxi takes 20 minutes and costs about $45.



There are no trains from Hartford -Bradley airport to downtown.

Average temperature

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low -7-6-2491417171261-4