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Worldwide Holidays

Powder white beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, palm trees waving in the gentle breeze and exotic cultures — who doesn’t want to experience that? On a worldwide holiday with Holidays with Aer Lingus, we’ll help you explore Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico, South Africa and the Middle East.

You can spend your days exploring tea plantations and rainforests, going on a safari to spot the Big 5 or lazing on the postcard-pretty beaches. No matter where you want to go, our holiday experts have hand-picked the best hotels and resorts so you can make it a holiday to remember.

Did You Know…?

Did you know?

Cancún is our customer’s favourite Worldwide destination

Did you know?

Explore 12 countries across 3 continents

Did you know?

Our expert team hand-pick all our accommodation

Did you know?

Low holiday deposit on Worldwide holidays booked 10+ weeks in advance


The Caribbean is the definition of idyllic. Life on the Caribbean islands moves at a slower pace and is perfect for switching off and recharging your batteries. From exploring the colourful culture of Cuba to the powder-white beaches of islands like the Dominican Republic and Barbos to letting your hair down in Cancún.

Some of our top Caribbean destinations include:

  • Cuba: Colourful, contrasting and culturally rich, Cuba is a magnificent place to salsa dance, drink mojitos and savour the moment.
  • Dominican Republic: With what seems like an endless coastline, the Dominican Republic is made for lazy days on the white sand beaches.
  • Barbados: From old colonial buildings to lush botanical gardens, Barbados is a laidback but luxurious destination.
  • Cancún: Cancún is a well-known destination, famous in equal parts for total relaxation and a place to let your hair down.

Dominican Republic








Sri Lanka

There are so many stunning destinations across Asia that it’s no surprise people want to visit as many as possible. From the tea plantations of Sri Lanka to the street markets of Thailand, each destination is as vibrant, unique and astonishing as the next. With cultures so vastly different to those in Europe, a holiday to Asia is unforgettable as you truly experience something brand new.

Some of our top Caribbean destinations include:

  • Phuket: The largest island in Thailand, Phuket is exotic and picturesque. White sandy beaches, lush greenery and dramatic landscapes make it the perfect place for some well-deserved relaxation.
  • Bangkok: The bustling capital of Thailand, Bangkok is fast-paced and never dull. From exploring temples and palaces to sampling the best Thai street food, Bangkok is a destination to remember.
  • Singapore: With 50% covered in greenery and an exciting mix of cultures, Singapore is a small but mighty country where historic and modern live harmoniously.
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is a breathtakingly beautiful country. From the tea plantations to the beaches, its temples to its National Park, it’s a spectacular country waiting to be explored.

Other Popular Worldwide Destinations


Cape town

Abu Dhabi




Hong Kong

Koh Samui

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