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If you’re a first-time cruiser, our cruise FAQ will give you a good idea of what to expect from your Click&Go cruise holiday. If you have any additional questions about the best value cruise holidays from Ireland, our cruise experts have years of cruise experience. There is nothing they don't know about fly cruise holidays. Feel free to contact them for more information.
Please note: this cruise FAQ is intended as a guideline only and can vary by cruise line and ship. For answers to specific cruise questions, speak to our cruise specialists.

Each cruise line offers a unique experience. If you are a first time cruiser, talk to our cruise experts for the best advice. Based on your interests and needs, we can recommend the right cruise for you.

Generally, there are 4 different cabin types. All cabins are en suite with twin or double beds, air con, wardrobe, TV & safe. Some cabins can accommodate 3-4 people with a pull-out sofa bed or bunk beds. Interior/Inside Cabin (standard room located on every level) - this cabin type offers the best value & is like a hotel room but with no window. Outside/Ocean View Cabin - this cabin type has a window which gives natural light (Please note: the window cannot be opened). Balcony Cabin - this cabin type is like a typical hotel room with a balcony that has a table and chairs for sitting. Suites - there are many combinations of suites available (ask our cruise experts for more details).

Your accommodation for the duration of the cruise, plus all meals & snacks, entertainment, port taxes and charges are included in the price.

Tips, drinks (unless you have selected a pre-paid package), dining supplements for speciality restaurants, transfers (unless stated on invoice), shore excursions, spa & beauty treatments.

On a 7 night cruise, you normally visit 5 ports with one full day at sea. On the first day, you'll depart in the afternoon and reach a new port the following day. Some cruise ships will have themed nights; gala evenings or parties that you may wish to bring formal evening wear for, such as a lightweight suit for men and an evening or cocktail dress for women. On a standard 7 night cruise, there are typically 2 formal, one informal and four casual nights (all optional).

Checking-in at the port is similar to checking-in for a flight. It’s recommended that you arrive at your port 3-5 hours prior to departure time. Go to the check in desk and provide the crew with your passport and booking documents. Your bags are exchanged for a colour coded luggage tag and will be waiting for you in your cabin after you board the ship. You will also receive a cruise card/room key for on-board payment. You can activate this card by leaving a cash sum or registering a credit card. (Please note: we recommend 6 months validity on your passport when travelling outside Ireland).

Each evening a daily program of events is delivered to your room, outlining the activities and entertainment for the following day, as well as the opening hours for the various facilities on the ship. A cruise ship is like a floating resort - similar to a 4 or 5* hotel, in some cases it offers you even more exciting possibilities. Depending on the cruise ship, you can expect the following cruise ship amenities - swimming pools, kids clubs, restaurants, theatres, spa, casino, shops, cinema, library, sun decks, 24 hr reception, concierge, currency exchange, hair dresser, play rooms etc.

The currency on the ship is either € or $ depending on which cruise line you are on and not the destinations you are visiting. There is a Bureau de Change on the ship for local currencies, however the ship itself is cash free. This means that everything is charged to your room card/room key. You can top this card up using cash or a credit card or pay the balance before you disembark.

There are so many dining options on cruises these days; absolutely every taste is catered for. You can choose from buffets, à la carte menus, sushi bars, speciality restaurants (Italian, Tex-Mex, Asian fusion etc.) or even 24 hour room service. Various restaurants will be opened at different times of the day so that you have access to drinks and snacks around the clock, whether you get peckish by the pool or an attack of the midnight munchies. All meals are included in your cruise holiday (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks). Buffet - The buffet is open 20-24 hours a day and you can eat here as many times as you like throughout the day and night. Formal Dining Room - In the main dining room, you must select early or late dining when you book your cruise (6.00 or 8.30 p.m.) as well as table size (i.e. a table of 2/4/8 diners). However, if you would like to change your dining time from early/late dining or your table size during your cruise, speak to the Maître D. Also, you do not have to eat in the dining room every single night, if you prefer, you can eat in the buffet. Speciality restaurants - there is a small supplement to eat in any of the speciality or themed restaurants on the ship.

Generally, the ships buffet dining area does not require a dress code. You can dress casual for breakfast & lunch in the formal restaurant, but for dinner a smarter dress code is expected. Men usually wear a long pants or jeans and shirt and women wear long pants and a top or a dress (i.e. t-shirts and shorts are not the norm). Norwegian Cruise Lines are the exception to the rule; you can wear what you want no matter where you are on the ship!

All cruises have a fixed nominal daily service charge per person, which covers cabin attendance, restaurant staff & activities personnel. This charge can sometimes be added to the price of your cruise when you book, or it is added to your on-board account to be paid before disembarkation.

If you have paid for an all-inclusive package your drinks are included. Otherwise, drinks are charged to your cabin and you settle your bill at the end of the cruise. An all-inclusive pre-pay drinks option is a great idea, as it is more expensive to buy once you get on board.

Generally, it's not acceptable to bring alcohol with you, both when you board and when you return from shore excursions. The easiest and most affordable option is to purchase a drinks package when booking your cruise holiday. There are various packages for different type of drinks i.e. wine & beer or all-inclusive packages, which include spirits.

Sockets are either U.K. (Cunard), U.S. or E.U. You need to bring the relevant adaptors with you.

There are areas of the ship dedicated to Wi-Fi. It's possible to buy Wi-Fi packages for the duration of the cruise. While coverage is reasonable, please be aware that the signal will not be as strong as on land.

You are free to disembark at every port and explore your surroundings at no extra charge. A programme with a great selection of shore excursions is available on board, which you can book in advance. They are also available to view on the cruise company's website, so you can research and choose what you'd like to do before departure. Shore excursions generally include transfers to/from the ship, meals and entrance fees to attractions. Organised trips are hassle free and ensure you arrive back at the port in time for departure, however you are also allowed to organise your own tours when you arrive on shore, if you prefer. (Please note: if you are not back at the port in time, the ship will leave without you!)

Ships are fitted with stabilizers (underwater wing-like devices), which minimise this problem in the event of bad weather. Plus cruise ships tend to sail in protected waters, where less motion generally occurs. If you suffer from motion sickness, it's a good idea to bring anti-nausea tablets with you just in case.

Cruise ships have well-equipped medical centres supervised by a doctor and medical personnel. Opening times are advertised in each ship’s daily programme. It’s also a good idea to bring a small first aid kit with any medication you might need.

English is the working language on cruise ships, as well as the international safety language. The crew is made up of various nationalities, so there are many other languages spoken on board.